Playschools explore the potential of the child for they believe that each and every child is unique. Being the first move of a child from home to school, tiny tots are taken care of and nourished like plants in the garden. Playing games, interacting with people and other extra-curricular activities are regarded as an essential ingredient for developing skills and knowledge.

Various study material are provided to learn the language and vocabulary of reading, science, mathematics, music, art and social behaviors. Here students spend 1-2 hours every day in the supervision of well trained teachers, where they are imparted the knowledge of academic skills in the play-way manner. Child learns best by observation, for which it is necessary to face the outside world. Children are also provided with the drama and theatre room to participate in the role-play exercise.

Parents generally pay a lot of attention on their kids; shower on them all the toys to entertain them, but the play school work towards teaching the students appropriate use of these toys, thus, making it a learning experience. Going to play schools help the kid identify the things that belong to him. He learns to identify his schoolbag, daily eating routine and finishing their work thus making them self- dependent. The students are not forced to do any thing, they are given full freedom of playing with the toys of their choice and communicating with the pupils present over their. It also reduces the anxiety of being separated from their parent.

The play schools in Noida are well-furnished providing all the facilities with good infrastructure helping the kid in physical, social and emotional development of a child in the best possible manner. They deliver the practical and planned learning environment to the kids. Some of the very good pre nursery schools in Noida are Jaypee Public School, Mohan International School, Mother’s Pride and Euro kids. These schools understand the vulnerability of the child, analyzing their analytical skills, making them more imaginative and creative. Their main aim is to develop discipline and sense of unity in the child.

The play schools in Dwarka provide the child with a clean and green environment, the ambience that is best suited for educating the child. These schools help the child in becoming the life-long learner. The latest educational games are offered in these schools to make the learning for the kid very easy and interesting. The child controls the world with its innocence and cuteness, the schools in Dwarka thus helps in bringing out the hidden qualities of your child.

Similarly if we talk about the play schools in Delhi, they are offering all the basic amenities to the students including the air conditioned classrooms and fun rooms like ball pool and squash pools. Some of the schools also offer the mid day meal and helps the students in learning the school sitting habits.


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