In today’s era, who doesn’t know a modern drink called boba? Boba drinks or many who know it as a bubble are drinks that are currently popular in society, especially among young people. Although not infrequently adults also like this drink.

Boba or bubble are round granules with a chewy texture that are usually found in modern drinks. The taste and texture combined with the various flavors of the drink are very distinctive and delicious on the tongue. So don’t be surprised if many people love this drink. With the high public interest in this drink, making boba drinks mushroomed very quickly. Until now, the opportunity to open a boba beverage business is still wide open, with more days, market demand is increasing. So, if you are interested in opening a boba beverage business, see the following tips and ways to open a boba beverage business:

1. Observe Examples and Get Recipes

Currently, many boba beverage businesses or the like have mushroomed everywhere. It’s easy for you to find a reference as a reference for building a boba beverage business. Take a look at some of the similar beverage businesses around that you think are the most demanded and successful.

Then observe everything, from each product that is produced, how to present it to its promotion. Start taking steps by learning the recipe by doing lots of experiments and innovations.

Regarding the basic recipe, you can get information on the internet or you can ask some of your acquaintances who are skilled at herbalists. After that you can develop the recipe into your own version, so that the boba drink you sell is different from the others.

2. Start on a small scale

The boba beverage business is one that is simple and can be done anywhere. Starting a boba beverage business doesn’t have to be a tavern or something, you can start on a small scale first. For example, you open a home business.

Or if you want to open on a larger scale but still have low capital, you can open small stands or kiosks in several strategic areas. Areas adjacent to offices, hospitals, campuses, schools or several other public places.

3. Provide a distinctive taste and delicious

With the various recipe references you get, try to experiment with existing ingredients. It’s time for you to find the right taste for your own boba drink. Make some innovations, especially on the topping that you will use on your boba drink.

As for the taste of the drink itself, it’s a good idea not to make many changes. Try to maintain some familiar flavors on the tongue of most people. If you really want to create a new taste, you should make another variant that is different from several main variants, and keep the original variant.

4. Use Quality Raw Materials

Behind the deliciousness of the boba drink that is popular with many circles, there are several quality raw materials that support it. Do not let, for the sake of chasing big profits you use cheap raw materials. This can affect the taste of the drink you make.

So, you should use quality raw materials. A little expensive is not a problem as long as it can produce a delicious and quality taste. Because after all, people will pursue a delicious taste, even if they have to pay more.

5. Use Equipment That Meets The Standards

In addition to raw materials, the equipment used for boba drinks must meet health quality standards. How could you use a tool that does not meet standards so that it will adversely affect the health of your buyers. For that, choose quality equipment, including the type of plastic packaging.

6. Attractive Packaging Design

If you have found a distinctive and delicious taste in your boba drink, it’s time to start thinking about the packaging design. Because one of the most important things in fulfilling today’s beverage trends is with an attractive packaging design. The unique design is a plus for your business.

Attractive packaging is sure to be unique in it. So, what is the unique and attractive beverage packaging design like? Well, usually what attracts a lot of attention nowadays is the packaging of the drink which is added with pictures and various words, such as wise words, romantic words, and so on.

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